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Stylish and practical, original and memorable - a staircase from series «Vintage» He attracts glances and immediately attracts attention. The graceful curves It reads stages hidden magic. It seems, you touch her railing and they themselves will lead you to yourselves - in some distant world filled with silence and the smell of old bookshelves. In this staircase has its own character and its own soul. Its forms are simple and clear. That is why such detail of the interior is always perfectly suited to any rooms.

klassika1 klassika2

At the front stairs and confident character, but at the same time, she rises so easily, as if floating in the air. We invite you to hurry up, not until the vision disappeared. Perhaps it will be a guide for the home museum, and moving from one floor to turn into an exciting action, contested by the most demanding audience. By itself, the staircase is already carrying out not only functional but also decorative tasks. Do not modest, it attracts attention and fills the house with French flair ...

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The gallant knight, the reliability of which there is no doubt. His form - concise and clear, evoke thoughts of noble deeds and striving to move up. This staircase speaks loudly about the owner of the house: it's not down to earth man, he - exalted above the commonplace. Climbing stairs is transformed into an act of sublime, in the spirit of classic novels. Well, the best decoration gallant knight, no doubt, be a lady of the heart in a luxury dress ...

klassika1 klassika2

This representative staircases of solid wood forms restrained and very convincing. He seems to be asking with a clear British accent: "Is it possible without a classic interior grand staircase?" Noble color of wood sets a powerful chord throughout the interior and smooth flowing lines balusters rigor image. Mysteriously and in the best tradition of the classic detective. Where, if not here, in the imagination comes to life the story of Sherlock Holmes?

klassika1 klassika2

This staircase - a song about architecture, because it has a pronounced theatrical character, but the room is about the sounds of the harp are spread out. The steps set the rhythm and melodious tune railing becomes higher and higher. Running a hand through balusters and you hear overflow lyrical tones, slipping on the stairs - you feel the breath of antiquity. Textured curls ornament ancient melody is picked up and immediately recall all the elements: the ocean waves, flames, fertile land and wind ...

Additional elements

Railings and stair treads

Railing ensure not only the safety of the stairs, but also give it a finished look. Our proposed colors handrails for stairs includes 4 shades:

  • white
  • teak
  • nut
  • mahogany
  • If desired, railings for staircases can be left in its natural form. In addition, each color varnished. Possible to produce both straight and curved rails, which will be repeated outlines of stairs. Made handrails for stairs from pine or oak and have two configurations:

  • square section 60х60 - Enjoy
  • circular section 88х88 – La Scala Grande.

  • Depending on the design type stair treads have different parameters and are made from different materials:

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